Our Vision

Art speaks in bold colours and vivid textures. Each brush stroke makes a statement, illustrating and liberating all thoughts and feelings. Mindless doodles arise from the canvas, expressing emotions emerging from reflections within. Outpourings of images awaken wonder, silencing the mindless chatter as impressions surface and connect the art to meaning.

“When I paint my subconscious self is speaking what I can not express in words”  – Angela Chao

Poetry speaks softly, heard through the dialogue of inspiring words weaving stories. Through the rhythm and rhyme of verse on the page, the dialogue of self is heard. Narratives conveying experiences of the human condition are composed and shared shattering isolation, connecting us. Writing is the oxygen fuelling self-expression, unleashing the power to transform.

“Through writing, I can exhale and express what I take in, in life.” – Susan Ksiezopolski