Modern Mississauga

The Feel It! Travelling Exhibit is an innovative collaborative project between award winning visual artist Angela Chao and award winning poet Susan Ksiezopolski. Feel It! was awarded a Fusion Grant funded by Mississauga Arts Council, Rama Gaming Centre and City of Mississauga. Their vision is to combine poetry with art to fuel exchanges that expand awareness; alter perceptions and create spaces for healing. 

The purpose of Feel It! Project is to combine the creative interpretation of a musician, visual artist and a literary artist in creating an art piece that conveying emotions. One of the hardest things for people to do is to express their emotions. Yet emotional literacy, understanding our emotions is an important component of our overall well-being.

The mediums artists use to communicate are different, but what happens when the creative energy of music, art and poetry come together and capture the expression of emotion on canvas with words? How do we express our full range of emotions through the creation of art?  Feel It! Exhibit will explore these questions creating art expressing the ranges of human emotion resulting from a fusion of music, art and poetry.

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